Top Ten Web Text Editor Plugins

Now we are using many text editor plugins in our web applications but when we search about text editors on internet we have a long list of text editors. And we confuse which text editor is best for our web app. The concept of best web text editor is vary according to our need or type of website. If the use of web text editor is simple we will choose a simple web text editor. And if we need more options in our web text editor we will use advance text editor. Here i am listing 10 best text editors according to my experience. 

1-)  CKEditor

CKEditor is very advanced web text editor having advance text features. Its look is also nice. It has many features that other web text editors have not.


2-) jQuery Text Editor

Its also a powerful featured jQuery Text Editor Plugin. It is light weight (19.5 kilo byte) jQuery Text Editor Plugin. You can modify easily its CSS classes.

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