Google instead of googlr

First of all the question is rises that what Googlr. The answer is that Googlr ins nothing its just a wring keyword to search Google on World's biggest Search Engine. The searches of the keyword Googlr on Google Search Engine is almost 22,40,000. Now you can imagine the how far this keyword is searched on Google. There are many other wrong keywords that are searched on Google like Googlr. The list of these Searches and other number of searches are given below:

1: Googlre          1,65,000
2: Googe             12,20,000
3: ggogle             301,000
4: wwwgoogle    12,20,000 
5: googler           450,000
6: gogole            100,000
7: gogl                368,000
8: geogle            673,000
9: googlw           823,000
10: goggle          2,740,000
11: googal          550,000 
12: goole            2,740,000

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