How to protect yourself against smog

How to protect yourself against smog


Outdoor air pollution is responsible for almost 3.3 million premature deaths across the globe every year. Smog is an alarming type of air pollution that is increasingly showing its adverse consequences every year. Some people are affected more by the smog than others. People with chest, lung, and heart complaints are more likely to get the first health signs of smog such as nose, eyes, or throat irritation.

People who are exposed to smog on daily basis should keep in mind the following points in order to protect themselves and their environment.

Keep up to date with smog

It is important to keep yourself up to date with smog and weather forecast throughout the year. There are so many online websites that provide accurate air quality updates. The government also plays its role in updating the public about air pollution. It is always important to check on the smog conditions before traveling long routes.

Avoid affected areas

The most advisable option is to avoid the most affected areas. Whenever you are traveling, make sure to use the route that is least affected. The ideal alternative is to avoid getting out at all. Whenever possible, stay indoors and keep your windows closed.

Avoid outdoor exercises

Many individuals have a habit of exercising in the morning with a fresh breeze. Such a habit can be extremely harmful to the health during smog seasons. Ozone levels in the ground are the highest during midday. One should completely avoid exercising outside during smog. The most advisable option is to exercise indoor.

Asthmatic people should carry inhalers

It is really important that you carry your inhaler with you at all times if you suffer from asthma or COPD. Smog can have dire effects on people with specific breathing conditions. It can cause rapid deterioration. If that happens, you must consult your doctor immediately.

Avoid congested areas

One of the precautionary measures that you can take is to avoid congested areas in the city, especially during the day. This is because road junctions are full of exhaust emissions, especially in a busy city. In case you are traveling through busy traffic, make sure to keep your windows closed. Places such as airports, seaports, and industrial areas tend to have higher concentrations of pollutants so they should be avoided at all costs. People with respiratory conditions have to take extra measures to secure themselves from the deadly smog.

Keep your emissions to a bare minimum

It is essential that you as a citizen play your part in order to reduce emissions and air pollution. One of the easiest tasks that you can do is avoid unnecessary car journeys. Stay inside most of the time and if you ever get the need to travel, do not leave the engine running for longer periods. It adds to the air pollutions. Turn your car off when you are stuck in a traffic jam. Choose an alternate method of commuting to the office or university such as cycling or walking.
Plan your daily commutes on public transports. You can also carpool. Do not burn your trash or wood. Keep an effective waste disposal method in check. Burning trash and wood are the major contributors to particle pollution. Replace your gasoline-powered lawn care equipment with electric ones. You can also play your part by spreading awareness regarding the effects of smoking on the environment and promoting measures to make public places tobacco-free.

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