Basic Makeup Essentials Every Girl Should Own

Basic Makeup Essentials Every Girl Should Own


Are you a basic girl who does not appreciate makeup hoarding at all?

Minimalism is the new trend. Keeping everything basic and minimal is often considered advisable and more graceful. Here are the top five makeup essentials that will be all you need if you are opting for minimalistic beauty trends.


Mascara is the most important and essential item of makeup that a girl owns. Every look is totally incomplete without mascara. The way mascara enhances your eyelashes and gives you an uplifted look cannot be achieved by something else. You can feel a huge difference in your face with only one coat of mascara. With a few more coats, you can achieve that false eyelash look as well. However, always keep in mind that there are two types of mascaras i.e waterproof and non-waterproof. Get yourself waterproof mascara if you like to wear it for long hours or you sweat a lot. Non-waterproof mascara is fine for people who have to wear it for short periods without exposure to any sort of moisture.


The second most important makeup essential is a concelor. If you are someone who has to work at late hours and do not get enough sleep for whatever reason, then you are most probably in dire need of a concelor. It is really important to hide those raccoon eyes in order to look fresh and awake. Get yourself a concelor to hide the dark circles. You can feel an instant difference with the application of the concelor. If you have more dark under your eyes then it is suggested to use red color corrector under your concelor for best results.

Nude Lipstick

A basic makeup look is incomplete without lipstick. It adds more definition and color to your face. You must always keep your favorite lipstick in your purse so that it can be reapplied throughout the day. As a  part of your basic makeup essentials, you must keep a nude lipstick handy. There are different shades of nudes that go along with different skin tones and colors. Go out and explore some of the options to find out which one suits your tone the best. You can use this nude lipstick for your everyday makeup routine as it gives a very natural and effortless look. It is perfect for office and college.

Red Lipstick

You have to get red lipstick to keep that little bit of charm. This one is for special occasions. Get a beautiful shade of red lipstick so that you can quickly apply and look chic with very little effort. The best part about wearing red lipstick is that it can make any look a power look. It definitely increases your confidence and makes you look younger. Keep this one for those important business meetings or a special date night.


To complete your basic minimalist makeup look, you would need a light colored blush to enhance those cheekbones. Applying some blush on your cheeks not only adds to your overall vibrancy but also makes you look younger and happier. Whenever you are opting for a fresh look, do not forget to use the perfect blush for your tone. If you want a more natural option, opt for a cheek tint. A pinkish or orange cheek tint would give your cheeks a natural exuberance. Keep it always in your bag so you can refresh it whenever it goes off.

Keeping all these makeup essentials should be enough for any girl who likes to stay natural and minimalistic. Keep them handy at all times so you can reach out to these goodies and reapply them throughout the day.

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