Important Skills That Guarantee Promotion


Trying to be promoted? Why not set a high target to strive for at the beginning of the year? Make sure you set aside some time during the Christmas season to think about how you're going to advance in your profession and take control of your job in 2023.

If you're serious about moving your career forward in 2022, here are some factors that managers and employers advise you to concentrate on.


You must prove to your boss that they can depend on you at all times if you want to advance in your company.

According to Hayden B., a seasoned manager, "Punctuality, initiative, friendly manner, and the capacity to show improvement are the major factors I look for when I promote an employee."

Putting Effort

Your work ethic is not always just about reaching predetermined milestones. Some managers claim they evaluate an employee's effort, asking whether their work demonstrates self-discipline and flexibility. Are they attentive and imaginative? Your manager will be able to tell just by how much work you put in.

Janelle L., a marketing director, feels that effort is more important than precise milestones. "All of the employees I [promoted] were people I observed putting up a lot of effort each and every day. Over someone who is skilled but only does the bare minimum, I have promoted people with less experience."

Teamwork and collaboration

While college group projects at times could feel overwhelming, these team activities will prepare you for your future professional setting. Teamwork is required for vocations all across the globe. Teamwork and collaboration are essential to the successful operation of any organisation or business, whether it be in the fields of marketing, nursing, acting, or building.

The organisation or business will expand and succeed as a result of your interactions and collaboration with your co-workers. Each person brings a unique set of skills to the table. You might come to a better decision or come up with a better concept by talking with your coworkers than you would have by yourself. You can have an advantage over the competition if you already possess strong teamwork abilities when you start your new job. Although many businesses believed graduates might enhance their critical thinking abilities, cooperation and collaboration were talents that most employers were quite impressed with. 77% of employers think graduates are effectively exhibiting these qualities, while 97.5% think cooperation and collaboration are crucial in the workplace.

Employers also look for graduates with cooperation abilities for the following reasons: teamwork fosters workplace harmony, increases productivity, fosters work synergy, and opens up new learning opportunities.

Work ethical skills

You have the opportunity to keep honing your professional abilities throughout your regular classes, activities, and work schedule. Simple things like maintaining a professional demeanour and being prompt can help improve these abilities. They might also grow as a result of more time-consuming chores.

Finishing your work quickly and effectively may be one of these duties. People with strong work ethics are less likely to put off finishing a task and are the first to volunteer for additional duties. Employers will be more interested in considering you for promotions, new jobs, or other favourable outcomes if you exhibit a professional attitude and a strong work ethic.

Open Dialogue

You are not required to pursue a promotion covertly. Think about discussing your objectives with your manager and explaining your motivation for the promotion. By doing this, you and your manager can have a direct line of communication that keeps you both informed about your situation.

According to a D.G., "I promoted an employee because they had an ongoing conversation with their mentor and me about the next stages for their career and [weren't] reluctant to come to me with concerns, challenges, or questions."

Communication skills

One area for improvement that can be easily remedied is overcommunication. The likelihood that communication will be accurately interpreted increases with its simplicity. Keep your message brief, precise, and clear.

Engaging your audience is another way to enhance oral communication. You can more effectively express your ideas and notions as well as hear fresh ideas, queries, or other information by not only talking but also by starting a discussion.

Last but not least, listen. You must first and foremost be a good listener if you want to develop your abilities and communicate well. You can give more insightful responses and remarks if you pay attention to what other people are saying.

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