How to cozy up your house for the winters?

Our home is our perfect escape from the chilly weather during the winter. A warm and cozy home becomes a safe haven from the freezing cold outside.

Contrary to the popular belief, you do not need a lot of budgets to cozy up your house. It can easily be made comfortable with a few changes. Here are some easy ways through which you can transform your house for the winter. 

Paint those walls

Your white-washed walls do look neat but they are not ideal for the winter. You need something more warm and cozy. You can either entirely paint the walls or add textiles, accessories, or wall art that include colors like rusty red, burnt orange, olive green, and mustard yellow. These colors make a nice addition to any neutral color scheme. If you want to use saturated shades, make sure to balance the lookout with plenty of warm white.

Cozy lighting can make a lot of difference

A budget-friendly way to make your home more comfortable for the winter is to incorporate warm lights in your home. As the days get shorter, you can utilize warm lighting to make up for that lack of sunlight. A cozy ambiance can be created with light fixtures that emit soft and warm glows. You can rearrange the floor and table lamps to brighten up the dark corners of your house. Semi-opaque shades are perfect for a subtle glow in the winter. If you are a teenager, you can also put fairy lights in your room to add a twist.

Use natural elements to decorate

People usually tend to stay indoors during the cold weather. Bringing some of the outdoors inside your home is best to fill it with nature’s energy. You can use them in home décor as they will add the warmth of Earth to your home. It is recommended to use wood furniture for added comfort and earthiness. Plants can be used as home décor to recreate the relaxing feeling of being outdoors. You can accessorize your home with natural materials like aged metals, linen fabrics, rattan, and leather.

Use throw blankets on the couch and sofas

Knitted throw blankets are ideal companions for chilly winter nights at home with a movie. You can layer throw blankets on sofas, chairs, benches, and beds. This is a perfect way to easily snuggle up in your comfortable place without reaching out for blankets in the cupboards. You can choose decorative blankets with complimenting colors that also add to the aesthetics of your home.

Add rugs to your home

The last thing that you want in chilly weather is an unwelcoming cold floor on bare feet. It makes your toes icy and your body cold. Experts suggest that you should place rugs in well-traveled spots including bedrooms, entryways, hallways, and living areas. This method does not only cozy up your house but also works as home décor.

Add layers to your bedding

The most comfortable place in winter is your bed. The warmth of your bed makes you forget all the tiredness within minutes. You can make your bed extra comfortable and warm by adding extra layers to it for the fall and winter months.

It is time to switch those lightweight summertime sheets and add warmer fabrics such as flannel or fleece. You can pile up additional pillows to give a welcoming look and drape a decorative knitted throw in a seasonal color or pattern for added comfort.

Gold color can change aesthetics

The gold color is not soft and fuzzy, but it definitely has a warming effect. You can add gold color to your home décor to warm up your place through colors. Gold-framed mirrors in the hallway or on any bare wall space will lift up the space within seconds. If you think gold accessories are often over-priced, a budget-friendly way is to use spray paint. You can spray paint your favorite decorative items gold and make them look expensive almost instantly.

Final thoughts

It is essential that your guests feel warm and welcomed at your place. These tips will definitely help you in making your house a winter-safe haven for you, your family, and your guests.

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