Tips to Impress Your Boss At Work

You wouldn't believe how many ways there are to impress your boss without coming out as a snob in front of your coworkers (because no one loves "that guy").

It's good to carry out your daily tasks as directed, but there are many ways to go above and beyond and differentiate yourself from the competition.

We've put together a list of a range of various strategies to help you impress because every job is different and every employer is different.

Understand your boss

If you don't understand what makes someone tick, it's difficult to impress them.

So, if you haven't already, start observing how they behave, what they like, and how they react to certain situations.

You're specifically searching for behaviours and things that appear to impress and appeal to them.

For instance, you can learn more about the ideals of the supervisor by seeing how they handled a coworker who stood up to them and questioned their choice.

Maintain a positive outlook

Never underestimate the power of a positive outlook. Smiling, being approachable, and making sure you appear interested in being there are all examples of this.

You should always refrain from engaging in improper workplace conduct. This includes rumours, griping, and anything else that could have a detrimental impact on the office environment and output levels.

Continually put in effort

Even though it might seem obvious, continually working hard and fulfilling the demands of your job are crucial. Make sure you always finish your assignment on time and to a good standard before you consider going the additional mile.

Be there a little early

By being early, you allow yourself time to get ready for your shift and demonstrate to your employer that you are eager to get to work. Even though it seems like nobody is watching, they are! You're a slacker if you're five minutes late. You're a rock star for being five minutes early.

Be presentable

Don't put on your soiled uniform from the previous evening. It not only smells horrible, but it also looks bad. Always keep in mind that you represent the organisation. Both your boss and the clients will take notice when you look good.

Take action and be proactive

Going above and beyond is the next step once you are confident that your task is being done well. In order to advance, you should be proactive in asking for additional duties or responsibilities, participate in meetings, and show an interest in picking up new abilities.

There are numerous opportunities to do this in most companies. Begin exploring for more ways you can support your team. This could be related to your job, or it could be useful labour like cleaning or volunteering to help with event planning.

Always be genuine and honest

Everyone makes errors, particularly when they are initially starting out at their first entry-level employment. You might be inclined to hide it when your register is five dollars short or when a plate of hamburger patties falls to the ground. Don't! The truth needs to be told to your supervisor, even if you made a mistake. You become more trustworthy and credible as a result.

Seek out answers to issues

When an issue arises, seek a solution on your own rather than always relying on your employer (or coworkers) to solve it.

Start by presenting a few probable answers. Alternately, if appropriate, attempt to resolve the problem on your own. This shows that you have a good outlook, and people will notice!

Get to know your superiors on an individual level

Many people are averse to sharing too much personal information with their supervisor. Even while boundaries are necessary, you can still get to know people better by getting to know them on a more personal level.

Everyone has hobbies outside of work, and sharing these can be a terrific way to build relationships. Learn about the interests of your boss so that you can build good friendship with them.

Refrain from missing work

Many new hires mistakenly believe that calling in ill is equivalent to staying home from class because no one really knows you are absent. Wrong. Especially if you work in retail or a restaurant where you are on the front lines, your boss depends on you to show up. Call out if you're ill or have a serious situation. Get your shift covered if you want to attend a performance (and approved). Do not attribute it to the "flu." Ensure you act morally. If you fear you'll be in trouble for it, you'll probably get in trouble for it.

Show, don’t tell

You shouldn't boast about your excellent work since that will only encourage your employees to lock you in the walk-in. Instead, show 

your manager that you are a valuable member of the team. In the long run, taking the lead and working very hard will pay off. Just keep in mind that it's a building block for your resume, not just an entry-level position. Eventually, a glowing recommendation from your boss can land you the position of your dreams.


These tips will help you climb the corporate ladder by building a good rapport with your superiors.

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