Top Tools to Digitally Desgin Anything for Free Without Any Prior Experience


Do you have an office task to design something for the upcoming social media campaign? Don't freak out, because you don't need any experience or expensive tools to design anything. Small and medium-sized firms may create appealing digital designs without breaking the bank thanks to free design tools.

Here is a listing of free design tools for creating websites, logos, advertisements, and more. They include typeface tools, colour palettes, graphic editors for two- and three-dimensional content, and enormous resource libraries. Although most of them also offer premium plans with more capabilities, all of the tools are free.


The finest free graphic design software for newbies is DesignWizard. The application has a sizable picture collection, a plethora of free templates (over 10,000), and a simple user interface. The best free graphic design tool for beginners is DesignWizard, though you can also make unique templates instantly.

Despite a user-friendly interface and no up-front expenses, it's important to note that DesignWizard's majority of the most potent features are only accessible in its for-pay edition.


"Everything you require to generate content that sells," is what Setka markets itself as. This visual design application runs from within your current CMS or in the cloud and is largely focused on delivering increased content branding throughout your website, ad campaigns, and social media postings.

The warning? The Setka Editor can be used for free for two weeks, but in order to unlock all features and continue using Setka, businesses must choose one of three plans: Starter, Pro, or Enterprise.


Canva features templates to streamline your process whether you're trying to produce an ebook, infographic, business card, or email header. The free web design tool, created by non-designers, provides elegant, flexible templates for just about any design requirement you can imagine.

The negative thing about setka? As your skills grow, you might need to buy the commercial version or attempt one of the more sophisticated free graphic design programmes. While Canva's free edition is excellent for beginning designers using templates, the subscription version gives you access to more sophisticated tools and capabilities, like team sharing.

Adobe Spark

An alternative to the company's well-known, for-purchase Adobe Illustrator is Adobe Spark. Although it lacks a lot of features, it can be integrated with other Adobe products. It has a bunch of free templates and is simple to use. Spark is an excellent option if you need to quickly produce posters or videos for advertising campaigns.

The possible disadvantage? This is a fantastic place to start for beginners due to its constrained feature set, but it is less helpful for complex projects or seasoned designers. The good news is that Spark is accessible both online and mobile, allowing for on-the-go design.


A painting programme created by artists for other artists, Krita is free and open-source. The demands of the larger designer community and donations are what fuel the ongoing development of this product. So it comes as no surprise that Krita has a fully customizable user interface, a toolkit that is packed with features, and a robust resource manager.

If a company has the assistance of a skilled designer, Krita is a terrific tool for increasing the impact of their visual design. Other software on our list offers a better fit for beginners for businesses in search of straightforward, simplified solutions.


A graphic design programme with a focus on modifying vector graphics is the famous Lunacy. For inexperienced UI/UX designers who can't afford to subscribe to pricey graphic design programmes, Lunacy is an excellent and affordable option because it is completely free and has no hidden fees, adverts, or locked features. A ready-to-use UI kit, a placeholder text generator, a pen, eyedropper tools, and more are just a few of the impressive tools available in Lunacy, which is a fantastic programme for beginning graphic designers.

If you're on a team, you can quickly share a document with up to 100 coworkers and edit it together. You can also provide and receive feedback in real-time while commenting on each other's work. Because of this, Lunacy is a fantastic collaboration tool for teams working on graphic design projects.


The developers of Corel Draw have developed a vector design programme called LunGravit. Gravit, which is also available for ChromeOS and Linux, deserves its position among the top free graphic design programmes for Mac and Windows thanks to a variety of tools for generating vector art and a self-adjusting UI.

It should be kept in mind that when you sign up for a Gravit free trial, you immediately have access to "Pro" features like working offline and seeing version history. However, unless you're ready to pay for a membership, you lose access to these services after your trial period. A software programme for the graphic design called Acy focuses on vector graphics.

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