How to Learn Computer Programming?


It's never too late to start your journey of becoming a tech geek!

Beginners may find it difficult to learn how to programme a computer, but with the correct help and tools, it is possible to become proficient in this field. We'll go through some pointers and techniques for studying computer programming and mastering several programming languages in this blog.


Start with a basic language

 It's advisable to begin with a basic programming language while you're just getting started. Python, JavaScript, and Ruby are some of the most well-liked programming languages that are user-friendly for beginners. These languages are a great place for newcomers to start because they are reasonably simple to learn and comprehend.

Find a learning resource

Online tutorials, books, and video courses are just a few of the many options available for learning computer programming. Codecademy, Udacity, and Coursera are a few of online platforms for studying computer programming. On websites like Amazon and YouTube, you can also purchase a wide variety of textbooks and video lectures. It's crucial to select a learning resource that fits your learning preferences and academic level.

Start coding

 After deciding on a programming language and discovering a learning resource, you can begin coding. Start off by writing basic programmes, such one that says "Hello, World!" on the screen. Start with simpler programmes and work your way up as you gain greater language proficiency.

Read programming books

 Programming books can serve as a terrific resource for beginners and can contain a lot of helpful information. "Learn Python the Hard Way" by Zed A. Shaw, "JavaScript and jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Programming" by Jon Duckett, and "Head First Ruby" by Jay McGavren are a few well-known programming textbooks for beginners.

Join a programming community

Joining a programming community is a terrific opportunity to meet other programmers and gain assistance and guidance from more seasoned developers. Stack Overflow, r/learn programming on Reddit, and GitHub are some of the most famous programming forums that you can join to speed up your learning. You can also go to local programming meetings and events which will help you in meeting likeminded people.

Keep practicing

The most crucial thing while learning programming is to practise consistently and not give up. Being stuck on a problem might be unpleasant, but with perseverance and practise, you can get past these obstacles and evolve into a proficient programmer.

Additional Tips to Speed Up the Learning Process

Here are some pro tips that will make you a nerdy programmer in no time.

Set clear goals

Prior to beginning your study of programming, it's critical to establish clear objectives for your progress. This may keep you inspired and committed to your studies.

Break down complex problems

Programming frequently entails resolving complex issues. Divide the issue into more manageable, more compact parts to make it simpler. This can make the problem-solving process easier for you.

Work on Debugging Skills

Programming requires a strong understanding of debugging. You must be able to locate and correct mistakes in your code. By purposefully introducing bugs into your code and then fixing them, you can practise debugging.

Get feedback

One excellent technique to advance your programming abilities is to obtain feedback from others. Ask for input from others and share your code. Code review tools can also be used to get comments on your work.

Pair Programming

Pair programming is a skill that may be developed by working on the same code with a partner. This can be a terrific method to benefit from other people's knowledge and receive code-related criticism.

Put your attention on comprehending the concepts

Loops, arrays, and functions are just a few of the many concepts that are used in programming. Instead of just memorising these ideas, it's crucial to concentrate on understanding them. This will make it easier for you to use these ideas in many contexts.

Build a portfolio

Building a portfolio of your programming projects can help you showcase your skills to potential employers. It can also be a great way to motivate yourself to continue learning and building new projects.


If you have the proper attitude, the right tools, and the necessary persistence, learning computer programming is a goal you can achieve easily. You can master programming and acquire the abilities required to create engaging software applications by starting with these tips and steps. Always remember that learning takes time. Do not give up on consistency because this could be your chance at becoming the next tech geek.

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