The Apple Vision Pro Review

 The Apple Vision Pro Review

You might be skeptical about the hype surrounding the Apple Vision Pro, wondering if it truly lives up to its promises.

But let's address the elephant in the room - is this cutting-edge gadget worth the investment?

As you navigate through the intricacies of its design and functionality, you'll uncover hidden gems and potential pitfalls that could impact your tech experience.

Stay tuned to uncover the truth behind the Apple Vision Pro and whether it's a game-changer in the domain of wearable technology.

Key Takeaways

     Immersive three-dimensional visuals with stunning clarity

     Seamless integration with other Apple products for a unified experience

     Heavy and causes eye strain after prolonged use

     Limited social interaction due to solo experience and ghostly Persona appearance

The fit is nice for the first few hours

During the initial hours of wearing the Apple Vision Pro headset, the fit offers a comfortable experience that may be suitable for short-term usage. The headset's weight, at about 22.9 ounces, is similar to a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, making it manageable at first. The standard headband that comes with the device provides a decent fit, while the additional dual loop band doesn't notably alter the comfort level. The design aesthetics are sleek and modern, aligning well with Apple's brand image.

However, as you wear the headset for extended periods, the physical strain becomes noticeable, particularly in the form of eye fatigue due to the proximity of the bright screens. This can lead to discomfort and a feeling of heaviness on the face, akin to having an iPad strapped to your head.

While the user experience during the initial hours is impressive, with sharp visuals and easy navigation, the long-term wearability of the Vision Pro raises concerns. Working or engaging in activities while wearing the headset for extended periods may lead to fatigue and strain. The device's immersive capabilities are remarkable, but the trade-off concerning physical strain may deter prolonged usage.

Considering these factors, the Apple Vision Pro's comfort level and user experience may need further refinement to sustain usability without causing undue physical strain.

I tried my best to fit the Apple  Vision Pro into my daily life

In my endeavor to seamlessly integrate the Vision Pro into your daily routine, you explored various activities and scenarios to assess its practicality and utility. Here's a breakdown of your experiences:

     Daily Challenges: While wearing the Apple Vision Pro, you encountered challenges like disorientation while cooking, finding it hard to focus on real-world tasks due to the immersive nature of the device. The weight of the headset also contributed to eye strain after prolonged use.

     Integration Struggles: Despite the seamless projection of your MacBook screen onto the headset, you found it challenging to justify reaching for the Apple Vision Pro over your other Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. The lack of a clear advantage over existing tech posed a significant integration struggle.

     Social Interactions: The Apple Vision Pro provided a solitary experience, limiting your ability to share the immersive content with others physically present around you. While FaceTime interactions felt fairly normal, the inability to involve others in the virtual experience hindered social interactions.

     Immersive Experiences: The headset offered stunning visuals and a futuristic mixed-reality experience. The sharpness of the screens and the ability to adjust immersion levels through the 'digital crown' highlighted the potential for immersive content consumption.

     Productivity Benefits: The Vision Pro proved most useful during work-related tasks, consolidating all your remote work needs into one device. However, prolonged usage resulted in eye strain, posing a challenge to its productivity benefits in the long run.

The (anti)social aspect

The social dynamics surrounding the use of the Vision Pro headset by Apple users are influenced by its solitary immersive experience, limiting physical interactions with others present in the same environment. This loneliness factor can be a significant drawback for individuals who value social interactions and shared experiences. While the headset offers a virtual reality escape into a world of stunning visuals and unique experiences, it fails to bridge the gap for human connection in physical spaces.

The Apple Vision Pro's immersive capabilities excel in providing a personalized and mesmerizing experience, but this comes at the cost of isolating users from real-life social interactions. The inability to easily share the virtual world with others around you hampers the potential for shared experiences and limits the sense of human connection that many seek in their interactions.

Despite features like FaceTime integration and EyeSight representation, the Vision Pro falls short in replicating the organic interactions found in face-to-face conversations. The barrier created by wearing the headset creates a disconnect with the immediate physical environment, leading to a somewhat lonely experience.

What are your alternatives?

For those contemplating alternatives to the Vision Pro headset by Apple, exploring options offered by mainstream competitors can provide cost-effective solutions for experiencing virtual reality.

Here are some alternatives to contemplate:

     Meta Quest: Meta offers three headsets at a lower price point than the Vision Pro, with the Meta Quest Pro being priced at $1,000.

     VR Experience: Meta Quest Pro is designed for professional use, catering to individuals who want to work within the headset environment, while the Meta Quest 3, priced at $500, is more suited for gaming options.

     Lower Price Alternatives: Meta's lineup of headsets offers a range of options at more affordable prices compared to Apple's Vision Pro, making them accessible to a broader audience looking to explore virtual reality.

     Professional Use: The Meta Quest Pro is tailored towards professionals seeking to enhance their work experience through VR technology, providing a more affordable alternative to the high-end Vision Pro headset.


Exploring these alternatives can help you find a suitable VR headset that meets your needs while offering a more budget-friendly option compared to the Apple Vision Pro.

Should you buy it?

Considering the alternatives available in the market, pondering the decision to purchase the Apple Vision Pro headset at its current price point warrants a thoughtful evaluation of its features and your specific needs. The Vision Pro offers stunning immersive visuals, seamless integration with other Apple products, a unique movie-watching experience, and the ability to be used while charging. However, it has drawbacks such as being heavy on the face, a high price point, and limited third-party apps.

When it comes to price comparison, the Vision Pro's $3,500 price tag may be a deterrent for many potential buyers, especially when more affordable VR options are available from competitors like Meta. When appraising the user experience, while the Vision Pro provides an impressive mixed-reality experience with sharp screens and customization options, long-term use may be limited due to issues like eye strain and the device's weight.

Moreover, the social impact of the Vision Pro must be considered. While it enhances productivity and entertainment for individuals, its solitary nature can be isolating for social butterflies who enjoy sharing experiences with others. Ultimately, the decision to purchase the Vision Pro hinges on weighing its pros and cons against your personal preferences, intended usage, and willingness to invest in cutting-edge technology.


To sum up, the Vision Pro offers a unique and immersive experience with its cutting-edge technology and seamless integration with Apple devices.

While the fit may be comfortable for the first few hours, the (anti)social aspect and limited real-world usability may leave some users wanting more.

Consider your alternatives and carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding if the Apple  Vision Pro is the right choice for you.

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