How to earn money from youtube

Many people are earning at home by using different methods from internet. But our topic is How to earn money from YouTube? Now there is a question that are you making your own videos? If answer is yes then you can earn money from YouTube.

Method is very simple to earn money from YouTube. That is describe in the steps below.

Step 1:

Create a Google account if you already have not account on Google. Click Here to create account on Google. Watch below how to create account on Google. Click on the link and fill the form like this one.

Step 2:

Open YouTube and click on SignIn Button on right upper corner.

Step 3: 

Create a channel on YouTube. Click on the person icon as show in the below to Create a channel on YouTube.

Now click on Creator Studio. Then click on "Create a channel" which is show at below

Now if you want to change name of your channel then click on edit as shown below otherwise click on continue.

Your channel will be created. Now upload a video on YouTube. To Upload a Video on YouTube click Upload button on upper right corner on web page.

Step 4:

Now there is a thing that how to monetize your video. Monetize is a term that is used by YouTube. monetizing mean that if your account will be monetized than you can show ads on your video.
To monetize your videos you want to enable Monetization from your account.
Click on the Feature and then click on enable button in front of Monitization.

Step 5:

Now upload a video on YouTube by clicking on upload button located at upper right corner of the page. When you upload your video a page will show as given below
Click on Monetization tab and then check  Monetize with Ads. When your uploading and processing will complete then publish your video and invite people to watch your video... :)

As your views will increase and people will click on your ads you get moeny from youtube. But condition is you will not say any people to click on ads on your will not click on any ad by your own. So, this is the answer of our question "How to earn money from YouTube".
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