Youtube Funny Videos

In this era every person is spending a work full life and he wants some time to relax. Their are many ways to spend time to be relax some people play some games like Soccer, Cricket, Hockey etc. And some people watch movies in cinema or at home in TV or Laptop. And some people use social media to give peace to his mind and body. And some people watch funny videos on different websites. 
In funny videos websites there are many websites that provide funny videos to entertain people. One of these website is YouTube. There are many youtube funny videos. If a person start to watch youtube funny videos his many time will be spend on it but youtube funny videos will not finish. So, Youtube funny videos are very large in quantity and quality. Some of youtube funny videos are low in quality. Youtube management is working to make better youtube funny videos. Youtube also pay people that upload youtube funny videos on youtube. If these youtube funny videos are unique or their own content. If youtube find that a youtube funny video is not original of uploader they can ban video or can take some strict action.
There are some limits to upload youtube funny videos on yoututbe network. People cannot add node youtube funny videos on youtube network. Account of a publisher can be banned if he will upload a node youtube funny videos.
People can earn money from youtube by uploading youtube funny videos or by uploading other videos. It is a very good way to earn money from youtube by uploading youtube funny videos. People make channels to earn money from youtube. They upload youtube funny videos and monetize it and earn money from youtube.
How to earn money from YouTube? Please wait this article will be upload in some days.
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