Ahmed searched a bunch of directories for 3 hours just to find that particular number. Turns out he missed it while skimming through the directories and now he will have to start from the scratch. Three consecutive hours of effort left him with a headache, backache, sore eyes and the same bunch of directories for searching again, that too for just a single number. Not a very pleasant sight to see, right? But don’t worry! I have saved you from this hassle by finding the top five websites for UAE telephone number search.

We all have our days when we are curious to find the name behind the number flashing on our screen. Gone were the days when hours were spent scanning directories for finding people and contact numbers. Cyberspace allows its users to look for contact numbers online. Not just contact numbers, but various kinds of details are available that you can access through different websites that search and collect this information and gather them in one place for easy access.

Many a times different contact numbers flash on your screen. Some leave you unbothered, others curious. You might even feel imperiled by some unknown callers. Folks use anonymous contact numbers for various purposes such as playing a prank, harassing someone, or just for fun. It can be a friend, it can be a stranger. All such queries clouding your mind can be answered through reverse phone lookup websites.

Under any circumstances, unknown numbers can cause inconvenience and stress. To create a virtual image of the person behind the international calls with a UAE code, try these websites!



Providing its services in more than 197 countries, Whose Number Is This is our top pick for searching information of UAE-based contact numbers. The website provides the name, address, location, and social media accounts of the owner with great accuracy. Here how to find the details of a contact number through whose number is this:

·         Search “Whoseno” on your web browser

·         Once you open the webpage, you will see a search bar for entering the number.

·         Enter the country name from where you are getting the calls.

·         Add number in the search number and click search.

·         The information will appear within few seconds.


Cocofinder is a website that allows users to search for the owner of an unknown number. This website is specified for UAE-based numbers. A few simple steps can provide you with the name, age, e-mail address, workplace information, and criminal record, if any, of that person. The service provides information of not only mobile phone owners but also landline numbers. Your privacy is prioritized, keeping your identity safe while searching for particular information.

The webpage is connected to different databases that are searched to find and collect all the information related to a particular number which is then displayed in front of the user. The website allows users to find numbers belonging to any city in the UAE. Hence, users can search unlimited numbers registered in any city from Dubai to Fujairah City. To find whose calling you, follow these simple steps:

·         Open your web browser and search for Cocofinder website

·         Once the webpage appears, go to reverse phone lookup section

·         Type the unknown number with correct code in the search bar.

·         Wait a few seconds until the information is being processed!

·         All the information regarding the number will be displayed

Along with phone lookup, other services provided by the website include people finder, address finder and background checker. The website is completely free and user friendly. Next time a number keeps bothering you, find out who he is on Cocofinder!



This modern directory allows users to look for telephone numbers worldwide including UAE based telephone numbers for free. The website tells the name and location of the person behind the particular number.

To search a number,

·         Go to Search yellow directory’s webpage.

·         Click on “Phone lookup”

·         Type the number with the country code

·         Information will appear within few seconds

That’s one nifty directory!



The only thing better than one free online directory is two free online directories. Search People Directory allows users to search for UAE based numbers from their information in their database. The website is completely free, user-friendly and unlimited searches are allowed. Any UAE based number with country code +971 can be searched on the website. To search the details of a particular UAE based contact number, follow these steps:

·         Search for “Searchpeople Directory” on your web browser.

·         Click on the website to open the webpage.

·         An option saying “Reverse Phone” will appear on top of page.

·         Click on Reverse phone and a search bar will appear with +971 code

·         Add the number in search bar and click on search.

·         The information will appear in a few seconds.



InstaPeople Search is another reverse phone lookup website that allows people to search a person’s information just through their name, contact number or email address. You don’t even require all three of them to find what you need. A single name or number can help you find what you require.

You can find a person’s name, contact number, address, social media profiles and what not! The service is available worldwide, including UAE.

To find the information regarding a number:

·         Go to Instapeoplesearch website

·         Different search options will be available on top of the page

·         Click on the option that says “Phone”

·         Enter the contact number with country or city code in the search bar.

·         The information will be displayed shortly.

The website collects information from different social media platforms and updates its database frequently. Each time a person uses their personal information, such as contact number or email address, on any social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, etc.); the website collects this information and makes a directory. InstaPeople Search is a free website with tons of information.

Other services provided by this website including person lookup (used for searching a person by name), email lookup (used for searching a person through email address) and internet call service.

These websites are user-friendly and easy to use. In addition, they provide accurate and quality information. Next time, instead of answering an unknown call out of sheer curiosity or irritation, confirm the next person’s identity by using the Reverse Phone Lookup provided by different websites. For any UAE-based number, use the above-mentioned UAE telephone number search websites for instant and precise results. Stay safe Global Villagers!