Blake is a young entrepreneur who has just started a brand new business selling homemade baked delicacies. To grow her business, she needs to constantly build an audience. For that, she needs to interact with different potential customers in every effective way to advertise and promote her product. This is known as marketing. 
The next question is through which platform she can interact with heterogeneous audiences daily? The amount of time spent on the internet daily by people of different age groups makes the internet the best place for marketing. Thus, marketing done through any online platform is called digital marketing or internet marketing. According to 2020 research, an average person spends almost 3 hours on the internet daily. Not to mention, this period is growing every year. Therefore, offline marketing is not as effective as it used to be and is now becoming obsolete. 


Digital marketing is beneficial in many ways. For instance, it is far cheaper than the conventional forms of marketing. You can advertise and promote your product on a small budget according to your available resources. You get the chance to define your audience and promote your product within that audience. Global marketing is always open for you through the world of the internet. You can interact with your audience directly making a strong Business to Consumer relationship based on feelings of trust and loyalty. Even a layman can define the importance of brand loyalty for a business and its customers. Digital Marketing builds two-way communication instead of one-way communication that is built through conventional forms of marketing. So there is a strong feedback system which means you can immediately know the response of your audience and what they expect from you as a brand. There are tons of more benefits of digital marketing that make it perfect for any kind of business. In the next portion, I am going to tell you all the ways through which you can promote your brand online. 


To learn how to do digital marketing, you need to know its type. 


Content marketing is the basis of every other type of marketing. This is because it means producing "Content". This content can be anything, a blog, an article, an infographic, a picture, a social media post, an email, or a video. Any type of content that is produced and shared online comes under content marketing. It helps in interacting with the audience, grasping their attention, building their interest, and keeping them engaged. It is important to produce relevant content and consistently sharing it with your audience. 


One of the most important types of digital marketing is social media marketing. An average person spends 160 minutes on social media each day. Thus, targeting the correct audience on social media is easier as compared to other platforms. Whenever someone will know about your brand, the first thing they will do is to search you on social media or the web to find your credibility and to check the audience feedback in the form of reviews. This means having a social media platform is necessary. To engage with people on social media, create a business account. Consistency is very important therefore post content regularly on your page. Create eye-catching pictures, animations, videos, and infographics. Write good quality content in the form of blogs. Engage with your audience through posts, stories, and comments. You can promote your business through ads on social media according to your budget.  


Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become a common word recently. Yet, many people consider it a very technical term. SEO simply means increasing google traffic on your website so that it can rank on the first page of the search engine. It is important to rank your website on the first page of google search because a majority of people don't bother going to the second page while searching for something on the web. If they find the relevant information on the first page, well and good. If not, they try to search by using other keywords. Hence, SEO is important and can be done by producing relevant, good quality content with the correct "keywords". Keywords are what people search for on a search engine. To optimize your content on a search engine, search-relevant keywords to your content. Then incorporate these keywords into your written content naturally. Add engaging pictures, videos, and infographics to make your content more appealing and credible to the reader. This will increase the google traffic on your website naturally without spending a single dime. 


Pay per click or PPC means marketing through paid advertisement. You pay a specific amount of money to advertise your product or services on the web. Each time someone clicks on your ad, you will have to pay money, therefore named pay per click. Your ad can appear on a webpage or a website. 


Businesses can engage with their audience by sending emails to potential customers. They can inform their audience about their products, services, location (if they have a shop), upcoming product launch, upcoming sales, and much more. It is a more personal way of communicating with the audience and can be quite effective. You can ask your customers to subscribe to your newsletter so they can stay updated about your brand's activity. Email Marketing will keep your audience engaged at a personal level and persuade them to buy your products. 


Affiliate marketing means advertising your product through a third-party website involvement in the exchange of money. This means a website with an existing audience will advertise and promote your product. Customers from their audience will purchase your product and the third-party website will get its commission from the sale. 


The most popular and well-known type of marketing these days is influencer marketing. It can either be a paid collaboration or an unpaid one. Brands collaborate with different influencers such as celebrities, famous bloggers, vloggers, or an expert in a field for the promotion of their product. As the influencers have already built a loyal audience, many potential customers exist in their audience that will buy your product or service on their recommendation.

Marketing is inevitable in every business, either small or large. It is important to incorporate the new trends of marketing to expand your business. Digital marketing has made it easier for people to promote their products in a global market in a cost-effective way. Hence, don't give a second thought and adopt digital marketing in the new age of marketing.