When it comes to achieving our life goals, we all want to be productive human beings until procrastination steps in. We often end up daydreaming about being productive instead of actually being productive when it comes to working. Procrastination and distractions are like devils, always roaming around us, ever ready to strike our productivity. Yet, there are people around us that are highly productive despite all the distractions there may exist. Some admire them, others envy them. But most importantly, everyone wants to be them. I’m pretty sure if you are here today, you are not fully satisfied with your level of productivity and are looking for ways to enhance it. Here are some tips and tricks on how to be more productive that will help you amplify your work efficiency and defeat procrastination.



For starters, make a daily to-do list of tasks you need to complete within these 24 hours. The next thing is to create a hierarchy in these tasks. Take five minutes and rank the tasks as urgent tasks, important tasks, not so important tasks. When you are done, you will know what needs to be done on priority basis and which tasks are not necessary at the moment. Eliminate the unnecessary tasks to make your to-do list shorter. Performing productively in unnecessary tasks that serve you no value is equivalent to wasting time. Save this energy for the “important tasks” on your to-do list.



They say, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” Distractions are the biggest enemies of your productivity. Therefore, take advice from this old proverb and know your distractions. Keep a list of things that distract you and try to eliminate them while working. If you are distracted by your phone while working, turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode and keep it in a drawer. Avoid checking social media apps while performing an important task. You can respond to your emails and messages after completing your task. Note down all your distractions on a piece of paper and keep it close to you while working. Whenever you feel distracted, take the paper out and write down the distraction on it.   



You DO NOT need a break every ten minutes while working. I said what I said! The best way to justify distractions and procrastination without any guilt is “taking a break”. Tea break, social media break, replying to a text break, checking the score of match online break and the list goes on. In order to be productive, start scheduling your breaks. Break your large tasks into smaller ones and take breaks at regular intervals in between. Take a 10 to 15 minutes break after every hour. When you have a scheduled break, you have no chance of justifying your distractions as breaks, that too with no guilt. Breaking your large tasks into smaller ones also increases your work productivity.  



Your lifestyle has a great impact on your work productivity. Stay away from all types of screens when you wake up. No cellphone, laptop, television, IPad, or smartwatches. Meditate in the morning, do a simple workout, make yourself a good breakfast, go for a walk. Indulge yourself in activities that are refreshing and healthy. A healthier mind and body will automatically increase your productivity. You will feel more energetic and motivated than ever.   



The tasks that require maximum focus need to be done in the morning. A scientific study proves that the human mind works more efficiently from 10am onwards while 3am to 7am is the time of least productivity. This means your mind and body is fresh and full of energy in the morning. Hence, finish the tasks that require maximum focus and energy in the morning when you are fully charged and save other tasks for later when you are not as energetic as you were in the morning. So if you need to do the dishes, make an important business presentation and send an important email, do the tasks in this order:

  • Make the presentation
  • Send the Email
  • Do the dishes

The tasks that require the least focus and energy needs to be done at the end.



As absurd as it may sound, getting bored can increase your productivity! To avoid boredom, we engage ourselves in various activities, like scrolling through Instagram, surfing through TV channels, watching a Netflix series and so on. These activities are a source of entertainment for us and so they make us happy. Now there is nothing bad in being happy, but being happy at the wrong time might cause some serious problems. Work assignments, office work, school work is not entertaining and many a time causes boredom. To avoid this boredom, we find distractions that keep us happy. Now, as I said earlier, seeking happiness at the wrong time can cause serious problems. In this case, it is decreased productivity. But when you are comfortable with getting bored, you will not feel the need to check on your Instagram account while calculating the gross margin of the company.

Take out 15 minutes every day to bore yourself! Stay away from all screens, music, books, games and whatever is a source of entertainment and a possible source of distraction for you. Within a span of 2 weeks, your mind will get comfortable in performing dull and boring tasks!



Find shortcuts to perform all the repetitive tasks to save time. Use keyboard shortcuts while working on a laptop. Instead of changing font style or size from the menu, use short keys like Ctrl+Shift+F and Ctrl+Shift+>. Increase your typing speed through practice. This saved time can be spent to improve your skills or relax.


No one is born productive. It is the habits we develop that make us productive. The next time you see someone productive around you, remember that they are just ordinary humans with a good set of habits. The answer to all your “how to be productive” questions lie in these simple habits. Add them in your life to move a step higher in your journey!     

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