Telephone scams and their dangers


telephone scams and there dangers

In the last few decades, we have entered the digital era. Technology has taken power over almost everything. The scammers have also updated their methods and techniques of scamming people. With the rise in the use of technology, we have also seen a rise in technological criminality. Almost every year, millions of scam calls are reported to authorities all over the world. This means that telephonic scams are comparatively easier to pull off than other physical ways of scamming. The main reason is that anonymity is secured during telephonic scams. Telemarketing spam is the most common form of a telephone scam. Telemarketing calls are automated sales calls from companies that are not authorized to call you.

Why telephone scams are so common?

The number one telephonic scam is the telemarketing spam calls. These calls or messages attempt outright theft. Most people do not realize the damage that these telemarketing phone calls make. They send numerous pre-recorded messages or robocalls to random people asking for nonexistent debts. Sometimes they also offer you tempting deals such as all expenses paid travel and get you to give up your personal sensitive data. This way these telemarketing companies have made millions of dollars. It is really easy to fool unaware and uneducated people on the phone. The robocalls that they use as their most common strategy are completely illegal.

How do telephone scams work?

Telephone scammers are really smart people. They have special caller ID spoofing that allows them to mask their true location. The number that is showed to you on your phone is often mistaken as local or legitimate in these conditions so that there are more chances of you picking up. Surveys suggest that more people would attend a call if the number is local or has their area code.

Once you pick up that scam call, you will hear a robotic voice. They use a pre-recorded robotic voice that claims to represent a brand, government agency, or utility company. Some scam robotic calls also offer you tempting deals such as free cruise ships or low-interest loans. Most people fall for the cheap health insurance deal. Others are lured into this scam by telling them that they won a lottery. Then the robotic voice asks you to press a certain key to proceed forward.

Any such type of message in a phone call is a red flag. You should refrain from engaging at all costs. When you fall for these tempting deals, you are unknowingly leading towards a real-life scammer. Once you reach that point, the scammer would threaten or pressure you to make the purchase. Some scammers also ask for your personal information such as your social security number or credit card number. Many people have lost tons of money in these scams. If you want to save yourself from such a situation, then you should hang up as soon as you realize that it is a shady robocall.


How to Report?                                              

In case you have received the scam call and realized that it is from a scammer, end it as soon as you can. Do not press the key at all. This is because if you press the key, the scammer would get notified and they would not stop calling you unless you take an action.

In order to be on the safe side, you must always analyze the unknown number first. Do not just pick up the call right away. Wait till the call is over, copy that number and use a reverse phone lookup service to know whose number is it. The reverse phone lookup service would let you know if it was an important call from someone that you already know or not. If so, you can always recall that number. is a free reverse phone lookup service that provides authentic results all over the world. It also has an option for you to report a telemarketing scam call so that other people can get aware of the dangerous numbers.


Living in a digital era requires more care and attention. You must be aware that telemarketing scams can approach you at any time. In such a situation, the best thing to do is to end the call immediately without pressing any keys. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from such digital robberies.


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