7 Things the Fully Vaccinated Should Know

7 things Fully Vaccinated Should Know


With the invention of vaccines, there has been a relief in the pandemic. Vaccines have come as a sign of hope for the people who have suffered at the hands of Corona. It is the best weapon against the deadly Coronavirus. If you have been fully vaccinated then here are 7 important things that you need to know.


1.     You still need to wear a mask

Another misconception is that fully vaccinated people do not have to wear a mask. While you can roam around without a mask in most indoor and outdoor areas where there is not a lot of people you would still have to follow the Covid protocols in public areas. Masks are compulsory even for the fully vaccinated people in planes, buses, trains, and other public transportations. They are also mandatory in health care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. Vaccinated people have very few chances of getting Covid and hence they are at low risk of spreading the pandemic as well.


2.       You can travel

We saw some heavy travel restrictions back in 2020 and early 2021 due to the pandemic. However, these restrictions have been decreased to a level as vaccinations became the new norm. The otherwise strict travel restrictions have been lifted due to the vaccinations. Now, every country has its own vaccination policies regarding international travel. Only fully vaccinated people are allowed to travel. So, if you are fully vaccinated then congratulations, you are now allowed to travel wherever you want in the world.


3.       You don’t have to quarantine after exposure

One of the biggest benefits of getting fully vaccinated is that you do not have to quarantine yourself after you get exposed to the coronavirus. There are high chances that you did not get the virus. But in case you show certain symptoms of coronavirus such as shortness of breath, fever, diarrhea, or cough, you must get yourself tested and self isolate yourself.


4.       You may need a booster shot

Getting one dose of a vaccine is not enough. You would require a booster shot for two main reasons. The immunity from coronavirus can wear off in time or another variant of the virus arrives that would prove the current vaccine inadequate. According to researchers, the time period of vaccine efficacy is not confirmed. The vaccine manufacturers are preparing booster shots that are the updated versions to improve protection against new variants of the virus. Time again time, you would have to get Covid shots on regular basis. If the virus stays for long, you would probably have to get booster shots once every two or three years.


5.       You can still infect others

Even with being fully vaccinated, there are slight chances that you can get Covid without even realizing it. You would not show any symptoms. Hence, you can transmit the virus to someone vulnerable. Researchers have yet not confirmed if vaccines prevent the asymptomatic spread of the virus or not. That is why you should be careful when going out. Do not interact closely with the non-vaccinated people as they are at high risk of catching Covid.


6.       You can resume your pre-pandemic activities

The best part about being fully vaccinated is that now you can enjoy your pre-pandemic life. However, it would not be exactly equivalent to that life but most restrictions are lifted up from the fully vaccinated people. You can enjoy a good dinner with your friends at a restaurant. You can watch a movie at the cinema. You are also allowed to travel. However, you must keep your Covid vaccine record card in handy because you would need to show it at most places as proof. Attending large events would also require you to show your vaccine record card. Either keep an electronic proof of your vaccine or the card itself with you at all times.

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