Top Places to Visit in Turkey in 2022


Places to visit in tTurkey

Turkey attracts a major chunk of tourists all year long. It is a country with a vast diversity of landscapes and metropolitan attractions. Whether you are visiting with family and friends or your significant other, the following are the places that should not be missed at all.

Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia Mosque (Aya Sofya) is generally regarded as one of the most magnificent structures in the world. It tops the list of This landmark was built in 537 CE. The ever so prosperous Byzantine Empire built it. The place is full of delicate minarets that were built after the Ottoman conquest. Every bit of the architecture takes you back in time. It opens the door to the old Constantinople’s might and beauty for people living in the twenty-first century. This landmark is a must-see for all the architectural geeks visiting turkey.


Ephesus is a city that consists of huge monuments and marble avenues that take your breath away. The city is based on ancient ruins. The reason for its appeal is that it is still intact and sturdy in the Mediterranean area. It is the ideal place for anyone who wants to get a sense of the ancient life in the Roman golden era. This city has a rich history that dates back to 10th century BCE. Most of the structures come from the Roman era especially the Great Theater and Library of Celsus. It will take at least half a day to cover the attractions on a sightseeing excursion to this place.


Cappadocia's curvy rock valley is the dream place of every Instagram influencer. It has been accepted as one of the most picturesque places on Earth. Rippling panoramas of wave-like rock or wacky-shaped pinnacles have been sculpted by millennia of wind and water activity on cliff ridges and hill crests. If you don't feel like hiking for the sights, this is one of the world's best hot-air balloon locations. The frescoed rock-cut churches and cave-cut structures of the Byzantine Era, when this area was home to monastic Christian communities, are nestled in this unusual lunar-like terrain.

The many cave churches of Göreme Open-Air Museum and Ihlara Valley, in particular, have some of the world's greatest examples of surviving mid-Byzantine-era religious art. Cappadocia offers amazing boutique hotels that allow you to sleep in a cave with all of the modern conveniences.

Top Kapi

Istanbul's Topkapi Palace is luxurious beyond imagination, transporting you to the magical, rich realm of the sultans. The Ottoman sultans carved out an empire that would reach up through Europe, down through the Middle East, and into Africa from here during the 15th and 16th centuries. The interiors, with their magnificent jeweled design and decadently extravagant tiling, provide an amazing glimpse into the Ottoman power base.

Don't miss the Imperial Council building, where the Grand Vizier managed the empire's affairs; the Imperial Treasury's armaments collection; the world-class collection of miniature paintings; and the magnificent Harem apartments, which were constructed by the renowned Ottoman architect Sinan.


Pamukkale means Cotton Castle in English. It is one of Turkey's most famous natural wonders, with its immaculate white travertine terraces cascading down the slope like an out-of-place snowfield amid the lush countryside. The large and rambling remains of Greco-Roman Hierapolis, an ancient spa town, lay across the crest of this calcite hill, and are itself a highlight of a Turkey tour.

You can also take a bath in the mineral-rich waters that made this ancient spa town renowned after viewing the historic theatre, which has views across the countryside and relics of the city's agora, gymnasium, necropolis, and magnificent gates.

After that, take a trek down the travertine slope, wading through the top terraces' pools of water to Pamukkale, a little contemporary settlement. Nighttime is the best for amazing photography.


There's something for everyone in this busy Mediterranean center. The summertime is the prime time when tourists visit due to the two main beaches outside town. The old town district is a great spot to explore the cobblestone streets and Ottoman-era homes.

The Antalya Museum is one of the top attractions. It holds a magnificent collection of Hellenistic and Roman marble statues. Antalya, in particular, is a convenient location for day visits to some of Turkey's most notable Greco-Roman ruins, such as Aspendos and Perge.

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