How to Protect Your Skin In Winters


Skin gets very sensitive during the winter. Cold and freezing temperatures have harsh effects on the skin. It can be left feeling dry and itchy. You can develop many skin conditions if you do not take care of it properly in the winter. Here are some steps to take in order to keep your skin soft and healthy throughout the freezing winters.

Use a moisturizer

The main issues of the skin arise when it becomes dry and patchy.  Using a moisturizer in the cold might help your skin retain moisture and keep the skin healthy at all times. The right way is to apply the moisturizer shortly after you've dried off after a shower or bath. However, the key is to apply it while your skin is still somewhat wet, for the greatest benefits. Lotions are frequently less effective than thicker ointments and creams. The best product should contain heavy moisturizing elements such as  shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, or mineral oil in the ingredients.

Use sunscreen

Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't protect your skin from the sun's UV (ultraviolet) rays and quit using sunscreen. Winters require as much use of sunscreen as summers.  Sunscreen should be a part of your daily skincare even in the coldest times of the year.  Apply sunscreen to every exposed part of your skin, especially your face, chest, and hands. The usage, however, depends on where you live and how much the temperature decreases. The rest will be taken care of! Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Lesser SPFs won’t have as good of results as the higher ones.

Protect your lips

Lips should not be ignored at all costs. They require as much protection from the pollution and cold of the environment as your face or the rest of the skin. Keep good care of it on a regular basis. Choose a lip balm with an SPF of at least 30 and that feels comforting on your lips. A lip balm containing petrolatum, often known as mineral oil or petroleum jelly, is an excellent option. Keep it in your purse or car to reapply throughout the day. Any lip balm that hurts or irritates your lips should be avoided.

Use warm water

Hot showers can be very tempting in the cold winters. However, it is advisable to stick warm showers to keep your skin pleased. Hot water can literally take all the moisture out of your skin. It can take away all the natural oils essential for moisturizing and healthy skin. Limit your bath routine strictly to no more than ten minutes. Spending more time in the hot shower can cause damage to your skin and make it dehydrated. As soon as you get out of the bath, your skin dries with a soft towel. Avoid rubbing the skin with towels.

Use humidifier

Humidifiers help in restoring moisture back into the air. This process is very essential and beneficial especially in the winter months when the interior is constantly being heated. More moisture in the air can aid to function as a natural moisturizing agent, preventing and alleviating skin dryness. You can incorporate the use of humidifiers in your daily routines to lock that moisture firmly for healthy skin.

Do not exfoliate harshly

Exfoliation is an integral part of skincare. It can help maintain your skin looking lively by removing dead skin cells from the surface. However, excess of anything is bad. If you exfoliate too frequently and harshly without the use of the correct products, you can cause damage to your skin. The recommendation for light and flaky skin is the use of light chemical exfoliation rather than a physical scrub. Scrubs containing big particles that are harsher will cause harm to your skin's moisture barrier.

It is best to wait for raw and broken skin to heal before exfoliating. 


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