How to Send Uncompressed Images on WhatsApp Without Compromising the Quality?


how to send uncompressed images on whatsapp without compromising the quality

Are you the photographer of your friends' group that gets hit by a notification storm right after you’re back home from a get-together?

Or are you a professional photographer that regularly deals with clients who ask for pictures on WhatsApp instead of email?

Do you often feel afraid that your potential and talent in photography will be judged by your friends or clients after they receive pictures on WhatsApp because the quality got lost in the sending process?

It is true that WhatsApp has become the easiest mode of virtual communication in almost all countries globally. It is considered the go-to app for instant messages and updates. This is because it comes with a lot of ease and has become a daily affair for almost all of us. 71% of people check their WhatsApp messages first thing in the morning.

WhatsApp has become such a convenient application due to the features that it offers. You can send anything from pictures to videos and files to documents within seconds. Most people prefer getting attachments on WhatsApp to email.

While this might be the most convenient and easy-to-use option, it is not always quality-assured. When it comes to images, WhatsApp is infamous for degrading the quality during the transfer process. This happens because WhatsApp automatically compresses the image to reduce its size. This can cause a lot of frustration for a lot of people who expect to use good-quality images for different purposes.

This guide will tell you two easy ways through which you can send images on WhatsApp without compromising the quality.

Attach the image as a document before sending

The first and simplest method of sending an uncompressed image through WhatsApp is by sending it as a document. This method is fairly straightforward and works best when you want to send just one or two images.

This method has a very simple-to-follow process. All you have to do is open the conversation or chat box with the person you want to send the image to. There is a plus sign in the bottom left corner of the chat. Click that sign and a list of options will appear. You have to choose “Document” from the options.

Once the “document” option is selected, a series of documents will show up. You will not see images in these choices. Click on the “browse other docs” option. Now, you might see the images that you want to send. If you still fail to see the image that you want to send, you might have to go into your pictures to make sure that it is saved as a file or a document.

Create a zip file of multiple pictures before sending

When you have loads of images on hand to send on WhatsApp, sending each document by document might not be the ideal solution. Hence, you might want to shift to another option altogether.

When you have to send multiple photos on WhatsApp to maintain image quality, you can do that through the zip and file method.

In order to benefit from this method, you will have to download the apps File Commander and Quick Pic. These apps will zip the images for you and allow you to send them all together with their original quality. These apps will shrink the images to put them in one file. However, once the files are unzipped the usual size will be maintained.

Once you are done with zipping the files, you can open up the WhatsApp app and find the conversation you want to send the images in. Follow the same procedure mentioned above on how to send a document. You will find the zip file in the documents section. Select that file and click send. The receiver will receive images without degradation of image quality.

With these two methods in knowledge, you will not have to shift to email or any other form of digital communication to send or receive good-quality images. Both of these methods will take just a few minutes and the results will be worth it.


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