7 Things to Do Now That Will Save Your Time and Efforts for The Upcoming Holiday Season


Everybody wishes to make holidays special but that often means a lot of events and added stress. While they are super enjoyable, they can also come with an added stress level that is not good for both your physical and mental health.

This last quarter of the year can get hard for professionals. According to the survey, around 65% of Gen Xers feel stressed during the holidays while 61% of Millennials said they felt the weight of the holiday rush. According to another survey, 65% of people said that the financial pressure of giving and receiving gifts is the most stressful part about holidays.

Money is indeed the number one source of stress during the holidays. However, other sources include overwhelming feelings, family conflict, overbookings, and feeling depressed when everyone around is very cheerful.

1.       Planning is the key

If you want to have stressless holidays, planning is your savior. Last-minute planning can get extremely overwhelming and cause unsolicited tension. Take some time out of your busy routine and sit with a cup of coffee and a notebook with a calendar. Run a mind dump of all the things you love doing on the holidays or would want to experience during these holidays. Starting from mid-November through the New Year’s celebrations. Right down all the traditions, your family celebrates to make a mind map of what the schedules will be and what things you need to buy. If you plan on hosting meals or parties, create your menu lists at least a month before.

Once everything has been noted down, give it a recap. You need to make sure that your list is realistic considering the daily commitments and your financial status. You can also check what things can be cut off without compromising on the quality you want. There are several holiday planners available on the market with customized checklists, traditions, and much more. It is advisable to buy them for better organization of your thoughts.

2.       Budgeting is very important

It is easy to lose a lot of money during the holiday season if you are not mindful of it. People have experienced huge losses during the holidays for their mindless spending. It is important to set aside a budget for the holidays. Make different portions among that budget to set aside money for each person you want to give a gift. Writing it down helps you resist the urge of overspending.

If you are unable to set aside the budget, it is important to take steps now to avoid getting into uncomfortable situations later during the holidays. You can talk to your extended family about skipping the gifts entirely. You can also buy gifts just for the children if your budget doesn’t allow getting them for everybody.

3.       Shop ahead of time

If you succeed in taking the first two steps, your holiday shopping should start sooner. Brainstorm ideas for each gift that you want to give. It is important to keep the personalities in mind before deciding on the gift. Sales usually start earlier in November and you can get some amazing deals before the actual Black Friday. Keep your eyes open for golden pieces at good rates at all times.

4.       Start decluttering your house

You will have plenty of guests, friends, and family over at your place during the holidays. Your house must look presentable. Plus, cluttered spaces contribute to anxiety, lack of focus, and general restlessness. A clean and clutter-free space makes your house more relaxing and peaceful.

In addition to that, decluttering will make extra space in your house for the new stuff to come in.

5.       Make holiday reservations as early as possible

You should know that hotel reservations and flight costs can get expensive during the holidays. A good tip is to buy all the travel for at least a few months so you can enjoy your holiday without any stress as everything fills up quickly during the holidays. Making the reservations now can get you the rooms and seats of your choice and maybe at a better price than you would get during the peak holiday season.

6.       Make new traditions

Your family might have gotten bored of all those generational traditions going on for years. If you are a family that spends holidays the same way each year, then this time try something new and fun. Go someplace new or add some fun games that engage everyone.

7.       Keep yourself a priority

It is advisable to not take the entire holiday's responsibility on yourself that you drain out as soon as the fun time comes. Share the load and assign different responsibilities to different members of your house. Also, give yourself some free time to recharge your energy for the holidays as all the preparation can get exhausting.


If you keep all of the above points in your mind and start taking action today, you’re good to go. Otherwise, there are high chances that you will find yourself overwhelmed just before the holidays. It is always better to start preparing early to let everything go smoothly.

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