5 Ways You Can Use Your Old Phone Instead of Selling or Throwing it Away


Have you gotten yourself a new smartphone? There is no better feeling than getting that new reflective glass and shiny slim body of the phone and calling it yours. It provides new pathways to modern social constructs and connections with the digital world.

With the newer model in hand, most people would sell off the old one. What if we tell you that your old phone can make your life easier if repurposed?

Your old phone is a mini computer that is serviceable and valuable. Even without the cell signals, it can connect to WiFi and allow you access to applications. Here are 5 useful ways you can use repurpose your old phone.


1.      Turn it into an untraceable phone

You must be well aware of the fact that these days, hackers can easily trace back all the data from your phone back to you. Having an extra smartphone that you do not use for any other purpose can be beneficial for you as you can turn it into a completely untraceable ghost phone.

A ghost phone comes with plenty of benefits in terms of security. For example, if you use dating sites, it can help in keeping your identity secure. It is also very simple to set up. You can follow these steps to turn your old phone into a ghost phone.

  • Install an app that provides a burner phone number. For example, Hushed or Burner are great apps for this purpose.
  • A secure VPN service is needed that would encrypt all the data going out of your phone. You can do this by using CyberGhost or ExpressVPN as both have good reviews.
  • Instead of signing in with your existing account on the app store, use a new Google or Apple account from the phone. Similarly, you should create new accounts for all the apps that you plan on using on your ghost phone.
  • Do not buy any app or service as the online transactions will leave a money trail.

This ghost phone will be helpful anytime you want to take a data-sensitive online action. It will keep you more secure than your other smartphone.


2.      Make it a spare security camera

Security cameras can cost an extra financial strain on your pocket but they are also very necessary. Instead of separately buying a bunch of security cameras, you can use your old smartphones. They work brilliantly as security cameras to protect your spaces from any invasions.

There are two ways you can turn your old smartphone into a security camera.

  1. You can download popular security camera apps.
  2. You can set it up as a camera manually so that the operating system does not matter.

For android setups, you can use WardenCam as it is the most popular and convenient option. All you have to do is download the app and place your phone where you need to keep an eye. All the action can be watched from another room on another phone or computer.

If your old phone is not a smartphone, worry not. You can still set it up manually. It should connect to your home Wi-Fi. The guides to create a manual setup are readily available on the internet and YouTube.


3.      Turn it into a universal remote control

This is the most popular method to reuse an old smartphone. Your phone should either be Android or Apple to turn it into a remote control. You can then control all the features of your smart home through this remote control.

You need to check if your Android smartphone has an infrared blaster as that is mandatory for this step. Through an infrared blaster, your phone will be easily connected to TVs, air conditioners, and other devices that utilize a remote for operations. All you need to do is get a remote app and your phone will start working as a remote control.

Apple phones do not have IR blasters. In that case, you will have to add an IR connectivity. You can do that with the help of a third-party accessory or you can buy the Logitech Harmony Hub. The Harmony Hub will act as an IR base to convert it into a remote control.


4.      Make it a portable gaming device

If your old smartphone is an android with an expandable memory card slot or plenty of internal memory, you can turn it into an amazing gaming device for your kids or yourself.

This is one of the simplest ways to reuse an old smartphone and you or your kids will enjoy this setup. There are several amazing games released on Android and you can download and play them anytime. It is a much cheaper alternative to PlayStation Portable or Nintendo DS.


5.      Use it as a GPS gadget

One of the simplest use for an old smartphone is to use it as a GPS gadget in your car. All you need is a car phone holder, a double-port car charger, and your old smartphone. You can fix it in the holder and leave it there permanently.

You do not need to waste your phone’s battery or data on GPS while driving. The car phone will do that for you. Similarly, you also do not have to spend extra money to buy a car stereo with Bluetooth and internet radio. All you need is a Bluetooth speaker and you are set.

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