How to Declutter Your House Before the Holidays?


Do you feel relieved now that you have bought all the gifts and presents for your friends and family?

Congratulations, but it is just the first step that you have completed. One of the most important steps in preparing for the holidays includes decluttering the home. This guide explores the easy and convenient methods to declutter your home step by step that will not overwhelm you at all. Follow these steps to get a clean and tidy home within days.

Store your summer clothes

The holidays are just around the corner with winter snow waiting to drop. So sadly, it is time to say goodbye to your favourite summer attires and keep them somewhere safe until the next season. It is essential that you store your summer clothes somewhere neatly packed away in clearly labelled clothes. This is because you need to reclaim your closet and dresser drawers. Make sure to include every type of clothing that you know would be of no use during the winter. These might include shorts, hats, tank tops, swimsuits, etc.

To keep things extra organized, it is recommended to use clearly labelled plastic bins to store your off-season clothes and décor. You can add a dryer sheet or fresh bar of wrapped soap so that your clothes stay fresh in their slumber.

Give extra time to cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It requires extra attention and special cleaning as each season passes by. You are most likely to spend extra time in the kitchen during the holidays if you will be hosting a lot of parties or dinners.

Start by updating your spices for the fall kitchen cleaning. The spice cabinets usually become a mess after some time if left unattended. Restock and label all your spices and organize them in little jars. Make sure that your pantry is not a mess. Throw out all the expired products and restock the finished items. t is recommended to get everything out of it and vacuum thoroughly before wiping and re-organizing. You can also put some seasonal fall décor if you like.

Once your pantry and cabinets are done, it is time to move to the refrigerator. It is extremely important to clean your refrigerator at least once a week. However, during this seasonal cleaning, you should stick to deep cleansing the entire refrigerator. Start by taking out all the products and wiping each section. Throw out the expired stuff. Make sure to store all the fruits and veggies in jars and containers for a more organized look. Keep different sections for different types of products. For example, assign one section to frozen meat and one to fresh veggies and fruits.

Do room-by-room decluttering

Your space is an extension of you. It is where you spend most of your time. While more pillows, blankets and knickknacks may seem cosy, overdoing them might clog your space. You should treat this season as an opportunity to declutter. The living room should be given extra attention as this is the place where you will be hosting most of the guests. You can spice up the area by reorganizing your glass cabinets and adding some feature pieces. Vacuum the large area rugs and tidy up the sofas.

Once you are done with the living room, it is time to move room by room and get rid of items that you no longer use. You can start by decluttering the room’s surfaces and move on to closets, drawers and other hidden spaces. Always make two separate piles while decluttering i.e, donate and trash.

Don’t leave the nooks of your home

Your fall cleaning is incomplete without deep cleansing the nooks of your home. Pay special attention to walls, closets, laundry room, and garage. These are the areas where you usually tend to dump things. Pro advice is to use muscles and sweat into your fall cleaning mode. Clean the overhead lights, fans, cupboards, and walls, and wipe down all the surfaces. Mop the floors with anti-bacterial cleansers.

You should also focus on the areas that you usually skip over. These areas might include cabinets, windows, light fixtures, and shower curtains. When you are finished wiping and mopping, give your home a fresh scent by lighting candles all around.

Finish off by reorganizing and decorating

The last step in your holiday's deep cleansing should be reorganizing and decorating. With a clean and decluttered home, you can pay attention to reorganizing the items you have kept. You can shift decorations to different corners to create a difference in appearance without spending any money. You can paint your walls to give them a fresh feel for the holidays. You can also change the linen of your sofas to give your home a new look.


These tips will help you in getting your home in shape for the coming festive season. Get ready to receive plenty of compliments from your guests and family on the freshness and welcoming vibes of your decluttered home.

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