9 Tips to save money


The importance of saving money cannot be stressed enough. According to studies, most rich people are not the ones earning tons of money but, those who know how to spend smartly and save. No matter which age you are, you must start saving. Here are a few tips that can help you save money.

1.       Automate all the transfers

You should set up automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings account each month so that the money will be accumulated over time without any additional work on your part. This step is helpful when you want to save for specific goals such as education or vacation.

You can download apps such as Digit to do the work for you. All you have to do is sign up and the app will transfer small amounts from your checking account to separate savings account for you. This way, you will not be spending any time or energy thinking about making a transfer. Sometimes during this type of procrastination, you may skip a month’s savings. With this technique, that will never happen.

2.       Always go prepared for grocery shopping

Do not underestimate the little work you can do before you go to the grocery store that can help you save money on groceries. Check your pantry before going and make a proper shopping list of the missing items and the needed items. This way, you can eliminate impulse buying which can rob you of sometimes.

To shop smart, learn how to get coupons and join loyalty programs to maximize your savings. Use the cash-back credit card that can make you earn extra cashback on grocery purchases. Some cards even offer as much cash back as 7% to 8%. However, it is important to pay off your bill each month to avoid paying interest and fees.

3.       Do not eat out at restaurants often

One of the easiest ways to save extra money each month is by cutting down your restaurant expenses. Eating out is much more expensive than cooking at home. Learn how to cook and get weekly groceries to prepare your meals. You will be surprised to know how much money you can save by following this tip.

If you still want to eat out sometimes, try to reduce the frequency of it and take advantage of credit cards that reward restaurant spending. Skipping dessert will save you some money as well.

4.       Become debt free

You can never really save if you are in debt. Your number one goal should be to become debt free for financial success. Once you are free from paying interest on your debt, that money can be added to your savings.

5.       Save each month with a target

Regular savings are unorganized and hence cannot be that effective. You must save money by visualizing what you are saving for. For better motivation, it is advisable to create savings targets along with timelines to make it easier to save.

For example, if you want to buy a house with a 20% down payment within three years, you will have exact calculations on how much should be saved each month to achieve this target.

6.       Use entertainment discounts to save

Never pay full price to visit museums and national parks. There are certain free days for them so that you can save. If you have friends that are still students, you can ask them for special discounts.

7.       Map out the big purchases

You can save tons of money if you time your purchases smartly for appliances, furniture, cars, and electronics. Wait for the annual sale periods to purchase these items. You can track prices over time and purchase when you feel you’ve hit jackpot.

There are plenty of tools that can help you do this. For example, the Camelizer browser extension tracks prices on Amazon and gives you alerts when the price drops. Similarly, the Honey Browser extension gets coupon codes for you.

8.       Limit your online shopping

Online shopping can be a big trap when you want to save. You are only a click away from splurging all your savings. Limit your impulse purchases by always keeping in mind the bigger picture. It is advisable to wait for 30 days before you decide to purchase something online. If the product still interests you after 30 days, but only then.

Another trick is to keep your items in the cart for a few days without purchasing them. Companies are likely to offer you some discount.

Regardless, it is advised to keep shopping unnecessarily very limited. Instead, keep that amount for savings and investments.

9.       Reduce your gas usage

Gas has gotten expensive all around the world. You can save that money by using public transport or walking to your workplace.


These tips might seem small in their respective ways, but combined, they can make a huge difference in your savings. Make sure you follow each of these tips to ensure financial stability in life.

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