Expert tips and tricks for a strong first impression


As they say, the first impression is the last. It is true even if the first impression is not accurate. It takes a long time and conscious efforts to change the first impression. This is the reason why your first impression should always be friendly, competent, and trustworthy. Here are the top expert tips and tricks for a strong first impression that can take you places.

Eye contact is the key

As they say, eyes are the window to your soul. Eye contact is a type of nonverbal communication which can be taken as a sign of honesty. It also acts as a way to show respect to the person that you have just met. It is important to maintain eye contact because it shows that you are paying attention to what the other person is saying.

While eye contact is one of the most important and strong body gestures, it can also become intimidating if not done properly. Make eye contact with the person before they start talking. Keep maintaining regular eye contact throughout the conversation. However, it is important to know the difference between eye contact and outright staring. Staring can come across as rude and intimidating so strictly avoid that.

A smile gives a pleasant impression

The second most important gesture that you can use for a lasting impression is your smile. A sincere smile can put people at ease and make them feel welcomed and appreciated. It creates a level of comfort between the two. A genuine smile is the most powerful facial gesture as it reaches your eyes.

Never underestimate the ease you can provide through a smile. The other person might remember it for days or even months to come.

Dress well 

What you wear contributes a significant portion to the impression that you make on people. Most people will notice your attire and create a certain image of you in their heads. You must be always dressed for the occasion. Your clothing should be appropriate for the situation. It should be properly cleaned and ironed so that you give it a tidy look.

Apart from dressing, you should focus on being overall well-presented. Your hair should be washed and your shoes should be polished.

Stay true to yourself

Anyone who tries to be fake or pretend like something they are not can easily be noticed. People are remarkably quick to notice insincerity, so it pays to be yourself. It is important to note that constantly worrying about saying the right or wrong things can come across as inauthenticity.

Stay as authentic as you can and avoid worrying about saying the wrong things. Rely on your strengths and accept your weaknesses.

Be good at communication

A good communicator is remembered for years. Effective communication is the most important skill that you can learn. It will prove to be beneficial in your personal and professional life.

A good communicator is more of a listener than a talker. A good tip to acquire this skill is to talk only a third as much as you listen. Listening shows that you are being attentive to what is being said. It makes the other person feel heard and chances are they will remember you as a pleasant person for a long time.

To show that you have been listening actively, try to ask important questions about their experience or topic.

A positive body language is an effective tool

Body language says a lot more about a personality than one can imagine. It is a significantly large part of communication. A few guidelines for positive body language include the following

  • Focus on your posture. Stand or sit up straight with your head held up. This will depict confidence and comfort.
  • Do not cross your legs or arms when meeting new people as this subconsciously closes you off from another person.
  • Offer your hand for a firm handshake but do not make it crushingly hard.

Show Empathy

You must pay good attention to the emotional state of the person to that you are talking. Try to empathize with them as this can contribute to a stronger connection in the future. This trait demonstrates that you are understanding when it comes to emotions and feelings.

Come Prepared

If your first impression is with some professional who you are passionate about working with, it is important to do your research and come prepared. It will help you in understanding the context and environment that you will be in. You will be able to ask questions that will showcase your deep interest in working with them.

Stay Confident 

Confidence is the most important thing to have when making a first impression. You do have to stay self-assured and poised even if you feel scared or anxious. This self-assurance will play a huge role in a better and lasting first impression.


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