Pros and Cons of Hiring a Cyber Security


Cyber security has gained a lot of importance as digitalization has taken over the world.

Cyber security encompasses several technologies and processes that protect and provides security to networks, devices, systems, and information from cyber-attacks. This practice is mainly common among people who are at a high risk of cyber-attacks or thefts. They use cyber security to guard themselves and important systems against unauthorized access to data centers by hackers.

There are five types of cyber securities that include cloud security, application security, network security, critical infrastructure security and internet of things security.

Cyber Security Chief Information Security Officer or CISO can be the focal person of your company. CISO ensures that your company has required safeguards that protect against any type of cyber-attacks. CISO’s main task is to develop and implement a security program that safeguards the system or company against any type of vicious cyber-attacks that can ruin everything for you.


Pros of hiring a cyber-security CISO 


One of the major pros to hire a cyber-security CISO is that they will provide safety. With a working CISO, you will have personnel analyzing your current security standing and advising better security practices. CISOs can also come up with strategies that can improve cyber security weaknesses.

Technology has emerged to new levels and hence, hackers have become much more innovative. You cannot rely on weak security systems without any recurring professional analysis. A CISO will keep your company in being up to date with the new cybersecurity trends and thereby secure the information used, received, and shared within your company. It can save you a lot of trouble in the long run.


Attract more investors and customers

If you run a digital company or business, you will definitely attract more investors and customers with a strong cyber-security team. Customers will opt for your products or services knowing that their information will remain safe. They will have more trust in you as they relax and do not fear any cyber data theft. Having a CISO will give your clients and investors something to trust and open towards your business. It is a natural human instinct to choose options that appear safer and more reliable. Not only this, but having a CISO will enhance your security with the product you are offering, customer data, and payroll information. As a result, your sales would increase and you will generate more revenue.


Maintaining overall security

A CISO will help increase the maintenance of overall security in your company. Cyber security does not always involve coming up with cyber ways to avoid hackers. Instead, employers should also be informed about how to avoid errors and follow password policies to ensure extra safety. Each sector of the company. Each sector of the company needs awareness of how to manage operations in a safe way. A CISO can help you achieve that as they can be the binding leader of cyber security for all sectors of the company.


Cons of hiring a cyber-security CISO

Extra costs

Hiring a CISO comes with extra costs. You will definitely need to incur more costs in hiring a CISO to improve your cyber security. This is something that most companies do not like. They want to keep their expenses to a minimum. A CISO does come in handy but you must be willing to spend funds on hiring for them to do their job effectively. If your company has enough budget, it is recommended to let go of this con as they are beneficial in the long run.


Knowledge gap

With the technology evolving each day, it might be possible that the CISO you hired might fail in catching up with the technology trends. If your CISO keeps on sticking to old methods of improving cyber security, then your company can become more prone to hackers and fraudsters. It is important to hire someone with good experience and up-to-date knowledge on the topic.



Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common with each passing day. Your hired CISO will work full time and never disconnect from their duties. This can lead to increased work stress and result in making errors that can slow down the connection or even block and log out company workers from company systems. It is important that you give your CISO enough breaks in between work hours to recharge and come back to work in a charged up mood.


Final Thoughts

With the above-mentioned information, you can weigh your option and opt for the option that seems suitable to you.

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