How to do the Tiktok Viral Clean Girl Look


If you have scrolled through TikTok recently, chances are that you have seen people doing the clean girl makeup routine. This trend has gained a lot of popularity recently and gave rise to the clean girl aesthetics. Here is a depth tutorial on how you can achieve that look to look clean and fresh all day.

Start with a sleek hairstyle

Clean girl makeup is characterized by sleek hairstyles. Sleek hairstyles give off a clean look that sets the basis of the entire theme. Sleek hairstyles look chic and clean. Your hair is not all over the place and is tightly secured in one place. It looks elegant and tamed. This is the best option for people with long and thick hair.

You will need hair gel to proceed with this step. You can either part your hair from the middle or side, whatever suits your face type more. Start by choosing your side and brushing it tightly. Now take some hair gel and apply it on the front part of your hair so that the parting remains intact throughout the day. It will also help calm those baby hairs that can often ruin your clean girl's look.

 Once the front part of your hair is settled with hair gel, it is time to tame the back side. You can either put your hair in a simple bun or ponytail. It is recommended that you go with a lower bun as it looks chic and stylish. Just put those hairs in a bun and use bobby pins to secure them in place. You can spray some hairspray for that extra protection if you will be out for longer hours and do not want your hair to budge.

Prep your skin good

The biggest hack to nail that viral clean girl makeup look is to prep your skin nicely. This makeup look does not have a lot of layers of makeup, hence nicely prepped skin is important. It will also help your makeup look natural.

To start the skin prep, you should cleanse your face first. Make sure to use a mild cleanser as acidic cleansers can cause acne and breakouts on the skin. Once your skin is cleansed, start by applying a light moisturizer. After that, use an SPF. SPF should never be missed because harmful UV rays can cause several skin problems if not protected with an SPF.

The third step is to use a primer. If you have large pores on your skin, you should not miss this step. Now your skin is ready for that clean makeup lookup.

Use a creamy concealer

The clean girl makeup look does not use foundation. It is better to go for a creamy concealer that is full coverage. You can apply the creamy concealer on areas such as your chin and under your eyes. If you have any blemishes, redness, or acne that you want to cover up, apply generously to those areas as well. The key here is blending it perfectly so that everything looks natural. It is recommended to use a beauty blender to blend it all together for that seamless look.

Damp your beauty blender and soak out all the water. This trick blends your makeup perfectly. Your makeup will look like your skin but better. There is absolutely no need of using a foundation afterwards. If your face is oily, you can set the concealer with some loose or pressed powder.

Let the brows be natural

Previously girls would fill in their brows till they look like a thick line. That trend has long gone. It is recommended to let your brows stay natural. Just brush them well and you are good to go. You can use a brow gel to lock your brows in place.

Add a natural blush

The clean makeup girl's look is very simple and neat. You do not have to go all in with the blush. Just choose a light pink shade that looks natural to your skin and apply it on the cheekbones for that lifted look.

Go for a lip gloss

To add oomph to your look, go for a lip gloss instead of regular matte lipstick. Either use a clear lip gloss or a light pink or nude-coloured gloss to add life to your look.

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