8 Best Apps for Everyday Efficiency


Have you ever tried to juggle a dozen things together but failed? You already know what a headache it may be if you use your smartphone or tablet for business or merely want to stay in touch with your team. The best option isn't always mobile.

Until you have the appropriate apps. There are certain to be a few apps from this list that will improve your workflow, whether you use an iPhone or an Android device.

Let's increase your productivity and save time by smartly using your phone. Keep reading for a list of the best apps to increase your everyday productivity and efficiency.


Focus booster

Focus booster helps you use the Pomodoro timer to manage your time and increase productivity. Pomodoro allows you to take brief pauses while working in increments of time, followed by a bit of rest after three to four hours. You can use the app to keep track of your progress, compare your findings to those from prior weeks, and adjust your work strategy as necessary.

One of the greatest time management applications allows you to balance all aspects of your life. You become more responsible since you can understand how much more effort is required to achieve the goal.


Google Tasks

You may sync numerous tasks with Google Tasks from any location at any time. Let's say you get an email with a project you need to finish by a certain date. You can immediately create tasks using Google Tasks. Additionally, you may also create reminders for notifications. It can be accessed from anywhere in Google space. To the original email for reference, you may add tiny information like subtasks, dependencies, progress, trace tasks, and much more! It's a clever tool that allows you to use your phone to take charge of your actions and increase productivity.



There is no doubting social media's influence over both established and emerging enterprises. But updating the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn profiles for your business can take a lot of time. You could make better use of this time by working on something more worthwhile.

With HootSuite, you can update all of the main social media platforms at once without login into each one individually. With the use of this social media management programme, you may schedule each post for the upcoming week, month, or even three months. The software then automatically publishes information at the time you specify.



One of the most popular kanban-style task management platforms is Trello. It provides an easy-to-use interface, a simple way to create cards, and a mechanism to assign people to specific tasks. Use them for work or personal purposes by creating checklists and using Power-Ups to repeat specific card actions.

Trello may be imaginatively used to arrange completed activities in remote teams so that everyone is aware of the workflow, assign duties to your children and receive alerts when they cross something off their list. Trello is free and accessible on iOS and Android.



To avoid having to go through the full "I forgot my password," "What's your mother's maiden name," and "Here's your verification code" ordeal, LastPass stores your encrypted passwords online. LastPass can be used on websites and mobile apps. It is probably more secure than most people's memory and organises your passwords for ease of use.



Quip is a great tool for maintaining team collaboration and producing documents that can be evaluated, distributed, and tracked. It eliminates the time-consuming issue of verifying ordinary mail tracks. Quip contains everything, including a calendar, calculator, excel files, and note-taking. The app was created by Salesforce and is only compatible with PC, iPhone, and iPad devices. It is lightweight and does not take up much space. 

For continued development, it keeps track of all the altered versions. It is regarded as one of the top apps for boosting productivity as a result.


Mind Meister

Anytime you have the chance to brainstorm, get your creative juices going through this app. When your mind has a wonderful concept, work on a workable idea and do not procrastinate. You may organise your thoughts using a mind map with the aid of Mind Meister.

This is a simple-to-use, configurable tool that promotes brainstorming, idea scribbling, and mind mapping. You may put your thoughts into a coherent notion using Mind Meister. Most importantly, it gives people the ability to work together on ideas so that others can add to and improve their ideas.



An online automation application called "If This Then That" connects everything like a magic string ( the magic includes a complicated technical process, of course). It causes programmes that have never gotten along to suddenly get along like old friends. For instance, it can centralise all calendar updates so that everyone is aware of each other's status without having to search through the mobile web's version of a non-alphabetical library.


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