Project Management Tools You Should Try


The core of your project team's activities is through project management tools. As a result, selecting the appropriate tool is essential to supporting the implementation of your project strategy.

Additionally, you want to use a programme that encourages team cooperation, aids in work assignments, and allows you to monitor project progress via a dashboard.

Here is a list of some of the most used and efficient tools. You should think about using each project management app on this list as your next one.

Gantt Chart

One of the best project management tools is the Gantt chart. A Gantt chart shows the dependencies between your numerous work items and the timetable for your project.

Gantt charts are useful for monitoring project progress, spotting changes from the original plan, and pinpointing delays. Gantt charts assist businesses to remain on top of their projected schedule and budget. Gantt charts also assist in identifying the crucial tasks that will guarantee your project is finished on schedule if things don't go according to plan. Let's increase your productivity and save you time by using your phone through this tool.

Gantt charts are a crucial planning tool in project management. It gives a thorough image of the job breakdown structure and helps with effective resource allocation, whether it be of time, money, or people. It aids in prioritizing the most important tasks and curbs scope creep by mapping the dependencies among the various work items.

The Gantt charts in Projects are a simple, user-friendly planning and scheduling tool. An indispensable tool with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface, 4 types of dependencies, a critical route, a baseline, chart scaling, and job management features within the chart.


With its 2004 introduction, Basecamp is one of the more seasoned project management applications on our list. Since then, the number of users has increased to almost 3.5 million. Because you can work with clients and other people outside of your organization, it entered our list of the ideal tools for collaboration.

Although Basecamp offers many of the same functions and tools as other monthly subscription services like Dropbox and Slack, it does not entirely replace them. Calendaring and scheduling, live chat, private messaging, file storage, and other features are available.

It makes it simple to discover the task, image, or message you're looking for thanks to its straightforward layout and strong search capabilities. Additionally, it provides a robust reporting package.

With email connectivity and the ability to share specific assignments and messages with persons outside the company, dealing with clients is handled well. You may tailor notifications to your needs, and you can even turn them off during work hours.

Larger enterprises may find Basecamp to be a good alternative because of its fixed $99 monthly price, while small teams might find a better deal elsewhere. Although there is no free plan, the 30-day trial period is longer than others. There are versions for the web, desktop, and mobile.


For teams of five or more, Wrike's software offers award-winning, simple-to-use project management solutions. The most flexible project management solutions are included in this collection, allowing users to alter workflows, dashboards, reports, request forms, and other features.

Users have access to tools for performance reporting, resource management, and allocation, among other things, for advanced insights. With discrete places, files, and tasks, Wrike's navigation is simple and intuitive. Timesheets, dashboards, calendars, reports, and an activity stream for notifications and messages can all be accessed from the home screen. Additionally, it provides access to numerous templates for typical organizational procedures.

Some unique and standout features of this tool include task lists, subtasks, schedules, collaborative workflows, file sharing, cross-referencing, proofreading, approvals, and real-time communication and collaboration.

Wrike includes more than 400 pre-built connectors, including connections to the most well-liked file management programmes from Google, Dropbox, and Microsoft, as well as connections to sales and marketing platforms from Salesforce and Marketo.

If you want to have control over your resources, budget, and agile supporting features, take a look at Wrike.

Skype for business

Project managers can instantly communicate with their team, coworkers, and clients via Skype, no matter where they are. It offers four different forms of conference calls: web conferencing, audio and video conferences, telephone-based conferences, and instant messaging-based conferences. Skype for Business allows users to connect from almost any device, assist with document collaboration, share desktop screens, and give other conference attendees access to certain desktop programmes or data.

Skype for Business was created especially for businesses in order to streamline communications and cut costs on long-distance and international conversations. Skype for Business sessions is all secured by authentication and encryption techniques, making it a secure tool for PMs to communicate with clients and coworkers.

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