Cool iPhone Features to That You Might Not Know About


The iPhone has so many wonderful features that it can occasionally be overwhelming. Apple's smartphone is packed with countless useful functions that, if you weren't told about them, you might never find. In consideration of this, we've selected some excellent features that both new and experienced iPhone users should make use of.

Back-tap feature

When Rear Tap is enabled, you can give both a double- and triple-finger tap on the back of your device for a broad range of different purposes, much like trackpad gestures. When using my iPhone 13 Pro Max at crazy angles and unable to access the lock screen icons or the Control Center pull down, I utilise Double Tap for my Torch and Triple Tap for my Camera.

You can assign a variety of time-saving and accessibility features, and you can even use Shortcuts in conjunction with the feature for even more personalization. On your iPhone, Back Tap is located in the Accessibility menu. To enable Back Tap, however, see our instructions.

Customize Control Centre

You can instantly access Wi-Fi settings, screen brightness, system volume, Wi-Fi settings, media playback controls, and other things with Control Center. (On Face ID-enabled phones, swipe downward from the top edge of the screen; on iPhones with Home buttons, swipe upward from the bottom edge of the screen.)

Additionally, Control Center has a set of shortcut buttons that you can customise to your preferences. Open Settings and select "Control Center" to personalise Control Center. You may modify the Control Center shortcuts there for tools like the Apple TV remote, flashlight, timer, calculator, low power mode, and much more. It's extremely useful!

Use camera as a document scanner

It used to be necessary to have an all-in-one printer or a specialist scanner in order to scan paper pages into digital files. Nevertheless, this is still the case for exact carbon copies. What if, though, you only need to quickly insert a quote from that passage in your textbook into your notes app? Fortunately, iOS offers a clever fix, and your iPhone's camera is also a useful tool for scanning analogue writing.

Open the app you wish to scan text into, like Notes, Messages, or any other text-entry app, to get started. Tap the text entry box, hold your finger there for a few seconds, and then let go. There ought to be a scanner icon now.

Use Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay on your iPhone makes it simple to make purchases even if you left your credit or debit cards at home. On sites that accept Apple Pay, you can also utilise that service. Open the Wallet app, then tap the plus ("+") sign to add a credit or debit card that is already in your possession. This will enable Apple Pay. After adding a card, you may use Apple Pay in-store by tapping your iPhone against an NFC payment terminal and then verifying using Touch ID or Face ID.

Use flash for notifications

Have you ever envied Android users for their stylish LED notification lights? You might be surprised to learn that the iPhone features a little-known accessibility option that also provides users with a notification light. You can configure the iPhone's LED flash to flash when there is an alert, such as a message or other notice. You'll only really see it in the dark or if your phone is on a surface with the screen facing down, so this is more of a visual accessibility aid than a customising feature. However, it's still rather useful, especially if you frequently miss notifications when your phone is silent.

Open the Settings app, scroll down to "Accessibility," and then hit it. Tap "Audio/Visual" after scrolling down. To activate the function, scroll to the bottom and tap the toggle next to "LED Flash for Alerts."

Use background sounds for relaxation

Use the Background Noise option on your AirPods to play relaxing background noise, such as rain, streams, ocean waves, and white noise, if you need to unwind. Many people attest to the value of this tool firsthand because they frequently use it to block out distractions and concentrate on their jobs. Furthermore, this function doesn't stream anything, so it functions without an internet connection, unlike playing ASMR or ambient noise music on Spotify or Apple Music.

Simply select Settings, then Accessibility. Then from the Accessibility menu, choose Audio/Visual. Click Background Sounds under the Audio/Visual menu. Utilizing the slider at the top of the screen, enable Background Sounds.

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