Powerful Google Drive Shortcuts You Should Try


Google Drive is no doubt, one of the most efficient and useful Google tools. It is used by millions of people around the world for their studies and office work. The most crucial aspects of Google Drive are exceptional file creation, storing, and sharing options. You can quickly upload and download files, make papers, spreadsheets, and slide shows, and work together in real time on shared files.

This article discusses some of the most powerful and useful Google Drive shortcuts that you might not know about. You can utilize these in your daily routine to make the process smooth and easy.

Add a file to several folders

Everybody has a unique organisational structure. Additionally, it takes more clicks to find a paper if one of the authors decides to keep it in their own personal folder.

This idea of adding a file to several folders is absolutely incredible. Using the keyboard shortcut Shift + Z, you can add files to numerous folders in Google Drive. You can choose another location for the file if you use that shortcut. (It also functions with directories.) Your file will now reside in several locations after you click Add.

The location of the file will then be displayed if you right-click on it and choose View information. From that view, you can even delete the file from one of the folders.

Make a shortcut to a Google Drive file or folder

Add a shortcut to a file if you simply want to be able to open it from many folders. Right-click the file or folder and choose to Add a shortcut to Drive to add a shortcut to it.

Then you can click Add shortcut and browse to the folder in which you want the shortcut to be stored. You'll be asked to confirm whether you're adding it to a shared folder. Open the folder where you added the shortcut after creating it. The arrow on the icon will always serve as a reminder that the file is a shortcut. No other details, such as the owner or the date it was last edited, will be there.

If it's a folder, opening the folder in its default location is possible by clicking the shortcut. If it's a file, opening it by clicking on the shortcut will do so. Even better, you can give the shortcut a new name by right-clicking and choosing Rename. The initial item won't have its name changed.

Create a workspace by using the priority section

Although folders help keep things organised, there are instances when you'll wish to combine files from other folders. You might, for instance, be working on a particular project that makes reference to a variety of documents produced by multiple teams. If you have a G Suite subscription, you can build groups of files that you frequently visit together in Google Drive's Priority area.

After selecting Priority, click Create Workspace. From there, you may choose which files to include in the workspace. Being Google, it will even make suggestions for files to add to the workspace depending on other things you have open at the same moment.

You can modify a folder's colour

You may alter the colour of folders based on how frequently you access them. This might be a quick approach to emphasise the folders you use the most of your Drive starts to seem cluttered. The folders with colour will stand out as long as you don't colour every folder.

Final Thoughts

Some individuals will always turn to search, particularly if their Google Drive is disorganised. However, if you've taken the time to organise your files in any way, these tips can make it faster to look for the proper item.

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